My Network settings

– I don’t need to know your competence or your number of connections until I know your character.
– The currency of real networking is generosity, not greed
– Civility is enabled.
– Consideration is enabled.
– Empathy is enabled.
– Cooperation is enabled.
– Win/Win is enabled.
– I’m not using “social media” to sell anything. I’ll like you better if you don’t try to sell me anything. Your “marketing” may be the enemy of your brand.
– My networking is for relational, non-commercial purposes. Though I have many connections, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. I want to network with people who share my values and interests.
– “The No Asshole Rule” is enabled. If you’re an asshole, please don’t offer to connect with me.
– My connections are VISIBLE. if yours aren’t, I think I knew you as a child. You were the kid who wanted to play with everybody else’s toys but never shared yours.
– I have actual contact information in my “contact settings”.
– In my group settings, “Allow group members to send me messages” is enabled.
– I leave groups where every other “discussion” is really a push poll or an advertisement for somebody’s business, book, website or blog.
– I stay in groups where group members carry on real discussions about ideas



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